About my art work



                                                                                                                          須藤 美沙

About my artwork

  I am interested in the universe. I like looking at the photographs of the galaxy taken by NASA’s  Hubble Space Telescope very much. This picture is of the world made artificially, and it was colored by the researchers’ hands. This is how a picture of the universe, like this one, is made.

  The Hubble Space Telescope photographs the lights visible to the eyes, and the invisible lights (infrared rays), separately. A researcher gives each picture colors, such as red, blue, and yellow. One picture is made from several kinds of picture filters put together. Everyone can understand the reality more deeply if they look at the colorful pictures made in this way, rather than at the real pictures.

  Since I realized that what is not visible was put into the photograph of the universe as a fact, I started to consider that “the world we see is not the only truth,” and I tried to create art using the picture as a motif. I want my artwork to be something that makes you consider and imagine what is not visible.


                                      Misa Sudo